Eat Your Way Healthy Through the Holiday Season

The holidays are often when everyone begins to worry more about the sweet and savoring indulgences that will no doubt grace every holiday table. It becomes a time where often you give yourself permission to let loose and eat whatever.  Then New Year’s rolls around and you feel like you got hit by a food truck.

1.  Give Yourself the Gift of Balance

What I’m proposing is a complete mindset shift around how you honor your body and your self-care needs during the holiday season. This is a time for giving, so how about you give yourself a gift that’s going to nourish you beyond the 10-minute sugar rush of that wretchedly unhealthy fruit cake your co-worker likes to make.

2.  Set Boundaries with Your Family

Talk to your family and explain that you’ll be doing things differently this year.  Explain that just because it’s the holiday season, it doesn’t mean you’re going to settle for nutritionally deprived foods that take more than they give your body.

Explain that you’ll be creating some healthy delicious options and offer to share with them.  It is the holidays, after all!

For me, I explain to people that it’s not about losing weight for me (or keeping it off).  It’s about feeling better, wanting more energy, not feeling bloated and irritated and enjoying the festivities and connectedness of the holiday season.

3.  Exercise Your Creativity in the Kitchen

Try new and exciting recipes. Splurge and buy expensive superfoods, interesting fresh fruits and vegetables that you don’t always get.  Try dishes with nuts and seeds and truffled extra-virgin olive oil.

For me, I pick and choose which I will spend more on (celebrating and holidays) and which I will find more bargains.  Even though I love splurging on some cooking ingredients, I also like to be frugal. I love buying inexpensive foods, oils and seasonings from Home Goods, Marshall’s and specialty oil & vinegar stores.  The specialty stores often share recipe tips too!

I love getting creative in the kitchen.  Especially if I am cooking (as opposed to baking) because there is room for flexibility and combining of flavors.  Try adding pecans to a brussels sprouts dish.  Maybe add some cranberries to a butternut squash dish.  I love cooking fresh rosemary with different kinds of meats.  Especially steaks (I love bison)!

Healthy food can be totally gourmet and special too. Make your own homemade chocolate with mint leaves and stevia for sweetness. Adorn your salads with pomegranates and walnuts.

Here are a few more tips and tricks…

  • Swap white potatoes with roasted sweet potato and butternut squash
  • Thicken the drippings from your turkey for gravy with arrowroot or tapioca starch to stay away from gluten and GMO corn starch.
  • Try making coconut whipped cream instead of dairy and serve with homemade roasted pumpkin with a bit of cinnamon, stevia and crumbled pecans
  • Ditch the bread and stick with extra veggies drizzled with high-quality olive oil
  • Use plain yogurt instead of sour cream
  • Make cauliflower rice instead of white rice

I welcome you to try one of my favorite (and healthy) dishes for the holiday season: Sweet Potato, Apple & Sage Soup

We all know the holiday season can be overwhelming and filled with LOTS of food!  Discover what works for you and your lifestyle.  Try implementing some of these tips or incorporate some of your own.  It’s a new season and a great time to express your creativity and try new things.

What tips have you discovered that work for you?  I welcome you to share below.

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Best wishes for a healthy and happy holiday season!