About Kim

thought leader & transformative life coach

KIM WILSON is the CEO & Founder of Rise Ignited- a transformational coaching movement!

Kim is an entrepreneur who has a deep-rooted passion for helping others individually and collectively in community.  Through a mind, body, heart, and soul approach, Kim helps women IGNITE THEIR RISE to their higher selves. She helps those who feel imprisoned by trauma and pain understand their own empowered bio-individuality in a way that ELEVATES them to the abundant, purpose-driven life they DESIRE.


Kim helps women transform and RISE into a life they love through transformational practices & integrative modalities.


After experiencing and living her own “pain to purpose” warrior journey, Kim gained the wisdom, resources, and tools to not only take back her health and life but now helps many others on their own resilient rise.

Kim believes and shares that our life’s stories are uniquely bio-individual and it’s our adversities and struggles that open us to our most valuable gifts.  Igniting us to a power greater than our limiting beliefs, outdated paradigms and anything that’s keeping us out of alignment with our unique assignment.


unique equipping through life & professional experience


After graduating college, Kim became a police officer, where she later sustained an on-the-job injury and medically retired from the police department.

Born and raised in a police family, Kim struggled with loss of identity, loss of community and “family,” isolation and depression.  All while trying to navigate chronic pain, unhealed trauma and PTSD.

This path of chronic pain and opioids resulted in her own breakdown to breakthrough.  A calling that changed her life and led her down a healing journey and a deep-rooted discovery of holistic and integrative wellness.

After going through the fire, Kim discovered  a new found calling, purpose and RISE.

In addition to being an Integrative and Transformative Life Coach, Kim is also a Reiki practitioner and certified trauma-informed yoga teacher.  She’s on a mission to empower women on their own healing path to their higher self.

Primarily offering services through one on one coaching, group programs, yoga classes, retreats, workshops and speaking events.

Rooted in community, Kim is very active in community organizations, volunteer work, and giving back.  Kim believes that community is at the root of so much healing, growth, transformation and impact.


Kim is on a mission to help women just like YOU!  

To IGNITE your purpose and unique gifts.

To IGNITE your higher self.


This RISE will RIPPLE into family, friends and community.  It will ripple and create generational shifts.  It will ripple to create a LEGACY!  A legacy to live while DESIGNING a life you LOVE! 


Together We Rise!