*Do you have a collection of diet books but still find yourself searching for “what works?”

*Are you tired of counting calories?

*Have you received advice from others but struggled stay on track?

*Do you have a desire to achieve a certain goal or lifestyle, but find it hard to accomplish on your own?

*Do you have a desire for balance, healthy relationships, more energy, personal fulfillment and control of your own destiny?

*Are you confused about where to start?

*Are you struggling with constipation, IBS, bloating or fatigue?



If you’re sick and tired of trying diet after diet (or just tired of being sick and tired), feeling crappy, longing for more in life or feel ready for a change, a Certified Holistic Health Coach could definitely help you!
I know from personal experience that making small changes can lead to enormous results.  i was that girl that tried all kinds of diets, didn’t eat, ate too much, used food as punishment and reward and felt like crap every day!  i wanted to live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.  i just didn’t know how or where to begin.  
so, i get your frustrations, anxiety, depression, stress and lack of direction.  so many women struggle to find balance, create self care, allow time for themselves and give up too quickly.  you deserve better than that, and you should know it’s ok to make you a priority!

as a certified holistic health coach, i help educate and empower women who are struggling with health concerns, lack of energy, weight management, stress and physical pain. through holistic methods, we will work to create a balanced, fulfilling and healthy lifestyle.  One that you deserve to own and live! 

when making changes and working with a coach, accountability and support is important!  It’s my personal goal to help you achieve your goals that are specifically designed for YOU!

An Integrative Nutrition Health Coach is a guide and mentor who empowers you and provides ongoing support and guidance as you set goals and make sustainable changes that improve your health and happiness.

As your Coach, I will support and mentor you to help you feel your best through nutritious food and lifestyle change.  One “diet” (and lifestyle) does not fit the same for all, so we will work together to tailor an individualized wellness plan that’s right for you.
If you’re looking for that balance in your body and life…

Let’s Get Going, Gorgeous!  



developing a plan for success is key! having support and accountability helps to fuel your success.

i created my one-on-one coaching program to help support, guide and educate women through their transformation and journey.

it takes time to make changes, create habits and develop a lifestyle.  a healthy lifestyle involves more than just food, so it takes time to make changes and see what’s going to work for your unique self.
ladies, we don’t create an unhealthy lifestyle over night, so let’s be patient and kind to ourselves as we work on change and progress.


one-on-one coaching program

What’s Included?
  • One-On-One Coaching and Accountability
  • Free Initial Health History Consultation
  • Access to me via email, text and phone
  • Two 50-minute sessions per month (Phone, online or in person-local)
  • Simple, healthy recipes and natural food therapies
  • cooking and food prep tips
  • Handouts and resources specific to your needs and goals
  • Recommended alterations to create a lifestyle of wellness and abundance
  • Resources and recommendations for supplementation and lifestyle changes
  • Information and resources for ridding toxins from your body, home and personal care items
  • access to workshops and events(when available)

for more information:

Contact Kim

note: six months is the average amount of time to allow transition and the creation of a healthy and happy lifestyle.  while 6 months is recommended, montly coaching is available.
contact me today for more information or to get started.  i can’t wait to help you create the perfect package and plan for you and your goals!


what are my clients saying?

Some of the things that I often hear are:

“I cannot believe how much energy I have!  I never knew I could feel this good just by making some simple changes.”

“I am finally sleeping better and waking up more rejuvenated!”

“I am losing weight and loving the results of eating real food!  It tastes good too!”

“My inflammation and joint pain has drastically diminished!  I feel amazing and wish I would have done this sooner.”

“We are not eating out everyday and love cooking together as a family!”

Does any of this resonate with you?  are you feeling tired, run down, hit that 2pm wall and reach for coffee or a candy bar?  are you feeling a lot of joint pain and symptoms of inflammation?  do you want to shed some weight and have a better plan for enjoying the holidays ahead without having to feel deprived and left out?  not sure where to begin or what to do next?
if so, let’s set up a free call and start creating your story today! I’m ready, gorgeous!  are you?