A Busy Gal’s Guide to Finding Zen

Finding Zen when life feels like a hustle is one way you can implement self care and love.  Ladies, do you feel like you’re constantly running a race with limited time to think?  Constantly tending to everyone and everything else while just trying to breathe.

We live in a world that seems overrun by chaos.  Constantly facing personal and social challenges on a daily basis. Nearly everyone is affected by this at some point and everyone experiences it differently. However, we are all also wired to fight back against these conditions.  Living up to our full potential with love and healing. But this wiring gets shortened due to physical, psychological, emotional and even social factors. As a result, you might feel overwhelmed and ultimately think that you are not capable of handling all the pressure without breaking down.  Carrying around added stress and being in a state of “fight or flight” isn’t good for the body or mind.

It’s times like these when you feel restless and uncertain.  During such times, staying centered and finding your Zen and core integrity is essential. It is important during these circumstances of confusion to learn to fight back in a healthy way.   Using intuition and consistency, building a soulful connection capable of overcoming powerful fears and helping clarity prevail. It is also important to keep your nervous system and your inner self aligned so that anger, fear and other negative feelings don’t build up.  Resulting to burying the natural love every one of us was born with.

Do you struggle to find peace and zen when your life feels chaotic and stressful?  Below are some tips that may help.

Ways to Find Your Zen in a Busy World

  1. Feel:  Be aware of your feelings, but don’t let the chaos become your reality. Rather, let everything exist the way it is while trying to bring it back to normal.  Using the inner light that helps you stay aware and connected to your own inner reality.
  2. Rise early: Rise early and start your day sooner. It allows you some free time to collect yourself, plan the day ahead and stay connected to your inner self. You can use this time for deep breathing, prayer, yoga, meditation, gratitude or any other method that you feel calms your soul.
  3. Practice deep breathing: Deep breathing balances your nervous system and is transformative in an amazing way. Inhale slowly, pause, and hold your breath for a beat. Then exhale slowly and controlled, with another pause before your next inhale. This breathing exercise will bring energy and love to every cell in your body.  It really helps to relax the body and mind and slow it down.
  4. Take a relaxing shower or bath: Massage your body with almond oil and take a short rest. Then indulge in a hot shower and feel your body relax. You will feel refreshed and your senses revitalized the second you step out of the shower. This practice will prepare you to effectively handle the stress of daily life.  A bath is wonderful at the end of the day.  Personally, I enjoy a hot bath with epsom salt and lavender oil.  It’s a great opportunity to relax the body and mind.  Epsom salt will help to cleanse the body as well.  To learn more about detox baths, click here: http://kimwilson.me/boost-immune-system-detox-baths/
  5. Take genuine, mindful breaths: If at any time of the day you feel you are losing control over yourself, take a short break and practice slow, mindful breathing for a few minutes. At least take five authentic breaths to reclaim your Zen and feel revitalized again before returning to your routine.
  6. Be kind to yourself: Feeling ashamed or guilty of past actions can really bring down your morale and make you feel low. Forgiving yourself, on the other hand, can promote good and positive vibes. Try to forgive yourself more often to feel loved and uplifted.  Choices and change are things we have control over on a daily basis.  Consider how you’re speaking to yourself and the limiting beliefs that flow through your mind.  Practicing self love, care and positive vibes daily will help when those toxic thoughts come up.
  7. Positive words: What we say has a profound impact on our feelings and the people around us. Affirming and positive words promote good mutual feelings and surround you with the positive energy. Reclaim your love and energy by using positive words.  Practicing joy and gratitude daily will help with this exercise.  Starting your day with such activities can make a healthy shift for your day ahead.

Incorporating these tips and steps into your life can help you live a happier and more peaceful life in the midst of all the chaos in the world around you.

Consider adding in some of these tips and see how things shift in your world.  See what works for you and adjust accordingly.  We are all uniquely different, so experimenting is great for self-discovery.

I welcome you to share some tips that work for you.  I also welcome you to share this list with others.  You never know who you may help, impact and inspire.  So many people are running the race of life.  Slowing down and adding these things are small changes that will bring about large results.

Looking for some additional tips to live the nourished life?  I welcome you to check out my recent article published through Sass Magazine.  Girl’s Guide to Living the Nourished Life



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