Spring Cleaning to Support Change

As we welcome a time change and brighter longer days, we are seeing nature come out of hibernation.  Transitioning from winter into sunny spring energy.  Spring often brings play, more activity, energy and creativity.  Yet, we are experiencing a seasonal shift that goes against the grain.  Due to currently being in the pandemic, we are experiencing heightened anxiety, depression, exhaustion (mentally and physically) and uncertainty.

Now more than ever, it’s important for us to be proactive with our health, joy and wellbeing.  It’s important for us to support ourselves (and others) with the season but also give grace if we need to slow down, rest and bump up added self care.

The past year may have brought a change in lifestyle, health, family,  social dynamic and more.  We saw a rise in isolation, lack of community and family connection, added stress, health (mental and physical) concerns and a rise in coping strategies.

With the spring season shining her beauty upon us this month, we are given a “fresh start” and clean slate to make change.  The perfect time to  do some “spring cleaning.”  This is not a time to usher in shame, guilt, questioning worth or getting stuck in the muck of limiting beliefs or toxic thoughts.  It’s a time for forgiveness, compassion (for self and others), growth, transformation and healing.

In the fall, much like the trees, we released what no longer serves us.  Slowing for rest and restoration through the winter season.  Now is our time to bloom and rise.  With the rise, it’s beneficial to look at the root- the root cause of things that could be holding us back. Where can change be made?  Where can some spring cleaning be implemented?

The spring season is all about embracing change.  Though change isn’t always comfortable, it’s needed for growth. Spring is also about the liver, our primary filtration system.  A huge part of the body responsible for filtering toxins.  Toxins can come in many forms from the foods we eat, the beverages we consume and the medicines ingested.  Toxins are also in the products we use and in the environment around us.  The liver can become tired and sluggish if it’s not supported and nourished.  With spring being all about supporting the liver, this is a perfect time to “clean house.”

In addition to the liver, the kidneys can be damaged due to too much alcohol, toxic overload and medication use.  Both the liver and kidneys are an important part of the body and deliver a support system for optimal health and wellbeing.

Reflecting over the past year and how you’re feeling presently, do you feel like you’re running with your check engine light on?  Is your detoxification system feeling overloaded?

Spring is giving us grace to evaluate and address proactively what we presently need.  Spring is about planting and weeding out the old.  So, I welcome you to reflect and assess what you feel you need to weed out to plant new seeds.

Start with some small action steps such as movement outside, grounding in nature, nourishing with healthy seasonal foods, getting rest when needed and staying hydrated.  Embrace the joy of the season with creativity and those child-like feels you used to experience during this season.  What brings you joy and excitement?  Get creative, have fun and keep it simple!

With the liver being the ruler over spring, it’s the “root” of life’s ultimate action.  Some healthy foods and herbs to support the liver are beets, dandelion, licorice, milk thistle, broccoli, cabbage, dark greens and garlic.

Movement is another method for supporting your health and naturally detoxifying the body.  With the body wanting to embrace more activity, this is a great time to get outside, play, workout and ground in nature.  Both the body and mind will benefit.

If you’re feeling like you could use some additional support, detoxification and a simple strategic plan with a supportive and fun community, I welcome you to check out my upcoming Roots to Rise Spring Reset.  I’d love to have you join us next month!  To learn more: Roots to Rise Spring Reset

Ladies, there is no better time to Spring Into Sexy!  Y’all ready to Spring with me? Let’s GROW!!!