rituals and intentions

Rituals and Intentions Over Resolutions

Happy New Year, Gorgeous!

What rituals and intentions are you setting for 2022?

We’re  jumping into the first week of the New Year while reflecting on what worked last year and what changes we want to make moving forward.  Speaking with clients and friends,  I’m already hearing ladies that are feeling like they are falling behind.  Many who feel like they have to “catch up” to setting resolutions and goals.  Many who are already beating themselves up and the first full week is still in motion.  Ladies, can we give ourselves some grace?

Years ago, I chose to set intentions and rituals over the concept of resolutions.  A term that many feel carries a lot of weight and stress.  Resolutions may leave us feeling like we are attached to a goal that doesn’t align on a soulful level or one that we have to “grind” to create.  Often leaving us feeling like we failed, sitting in guilt or shame.  In addition, the term resolutions are often linked to goals that many stop pursuing come February (if not sooner).  Again, leaving negative feelings that do not align on a soulful, purpose driven path.

As a health and lifestyle coach, here’s what I suggest for consideration… set rituals and intentions!

Set a schedule of events or action steps that start your day on your terms.  Living out the day feeling more grounded, playful, joyful and energized.  Celebrating your small or big wins along the way.

For example: For me, one of the things that sets up my day and aligns with who I am is a healthy and slower paced morning routine.  I don’t hit the snooze button and get up.  I’ve already prepped my coffee or tea the night before and have my room temperature water to start the day. I also have some detox tools that I implement before my first cup of caffeine and I welcome you to connect if you want to learn more.  I spend the first hour with my faith (spirituality), meditation and goal setting.

For me, I find that I have a more soulful, energized day when I can start my day on the terms that support my own bio-individuality.  If you like to start your day in a faster pace, fantastic!

My day plays out with actions that align with the woman I am growing into!

Have you slowed down to think about your future self?  Who do you want to become in 2022?  I don’t mean “future tripping” as Gabby Bernstein describes it.  To learn more: Future Tripping

We are not marinating in the past or living in the concept of ” I will be happy when…”  It’s more of vision planning!

another tip: reflect on who you want to grow into.

What does she wear?

What does she look like?

Who are the people in her circle?

What foods and activities nourish her?

What makes her feel sexy and confident?

Is she traveling? What does she do for FUN and JOY?

Here are some things that came up for me recently….

  • When looking at my future self (the one that aligns with me and my higher self), I envisioned her starting the day more grounded.
  • Building an incredible business that does not include burnout or sacrifice.
  • A growing connection to my community, service and the things that light up my soul.
  • Joyful play and events with family and friends.
  • Hosting retreats with other women and collaborating with others that align with me.
  • Daily nourishment, movement and connection that will support my mind, body and heart.
  • Expanding my business and creating more of a team to work with others for growth that benefits the highest good for all.

This simple mindset shift and system leaves the hustle, grind, burnout and negative belief systems in the past.  Leaning into soulful and aligned rituals and intentions that will connect with your higher self.  This is a great week to set intentions and rituals that are on your terms.  Leading with the Next Level Non-Negotiable mindset and the goals to get you there! Not Resolutions!

If you’re more of a visual action taker, this is a great time to create a vision board or start creating a visual system that you can look at on those days when you’re feeling less inspired.  I welcome you to get creative with journaling, drawing and creative expression.  It may also benefit you to consider partnering up with a friend, accountability partner, community that aligns with you or a mentor.

Remember, you don’t need to see the entire staircase.  You don’t need to get caught up in the how.  Focus on this simple shift of mindset, take action on the next step and lean into what aligns for YOU!  Oh, and don’t forget to Celebrate!!! Big or Small- Celebrate them all! 💃

Are you committed to this Next Level YOU in 2022? 

Let’s Grow!🦋



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