Kid-Approved Veggies for School Lunches

When it comes to kid-approved veggies, there are several tips (and recipes) I recommend.  This is a topic I often discuss with clients who want to help their children eat healthier at home.  Whether home or school, there are several veggies that kids (and adults) do enjoy.

When I was a kid, I didn’t enjoy soggy Brussels, canned green beans and steamed foods.  Now that I am a healthy foodie and love experimenting with dishes, it’s been fun to discover all of the veggies that I love to cook and the kiddos eat and enjoy.  Yes, it does depend on the kiddo and what they like.  Try experimenting with different foods and ways to cook them.  Have fun with it and get them involved with food prep around the meals.

While planning dinner with my boyfriend this week, he mentioned how he was chatting with one of his kids about eating healthier at school.  He then told me that his son put in a request for some of the dishes I often make for us when we are together.  This made me smile big time! 😁 After cooking a variety of produce from our gardens this past summer, the kids were discovering different ways to enjoy delicious, healthy farm fresh food.

I get so much pleasure watching them enjoy fresh, healthy meals.  They are so fun to cook for, we enjoy making meals and snacks together, and I love our quality time together at the table.  It made me reflect further on how many parents ask me for help with the kids and cooking.  Below are some tips and recipes that I’ve found to be helpful and kid approved.

Tip #1: When it comes to preparing  healthy veggies for kids, let’s keep in mind that they often times like sweets.  TRY experimenting with sweet veggies.

Sweet veggies like peppers are great for snacking and sautéing in stir fry.  Stir fry is just as delicious the next day when the flavors have marinated.  Perfect for school lunches.  If your kiddos enjoy cut veggies, adding multi-colored cut up veggies with hummus or a healthy dip is a great snack or lunch item.

Do your kiddos like carrots?  This is one of my favorite recipes!  Not only does it include healthy raw honey but the caramel glaze from roasting makes them sweet like candy.

Honey Glazed Carrots

Recipe: Healthy Honey Glazed Carrots


Tip #2: Keep it simple and fun!

Spaghetti squash has become a hit at our dinner table and we’ve discovered that it stores well for school lunches too. Another favorite with the kiddos!  We like to roast ours in the oven with garlic powder and herbs.  No complicated meals over here!  It’s super easy to make and can be fun if you want to add in toppings.

Speaking of toppings, spaghetti squash can be served on the side, topped with a delicious pasta/meat sauce or made into fun boats.  This is great for a family fun night!

Recipe: Simple Spaghetti Squash


TIP #3:  ADD IN SHREDDED VEGGIES to home cooked meals.

If you have a very picky eater who isn’t a fan of veggies, try shredding veggies and adding them into meals.  Shredded veggies mix well with meatballs, meatloaf, pasta sauce dishes and more.  Get creative and try new things.

I enjoy making these turkey rounds and use shredded veggies in place of some of the oats.

Recipe: Turkey Rounds


After discovering more of the kiddos favorites, I’ve been working on some new recipes that are kid (and adult) approved.  More to come soon!
Have you discovered some new veggie recipes or tips for school lunches? I welcome you to share.







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