Healthy Honey Glazed Carrots

Oh. My. Carrots!

Every time I shop at the local farmers market or grocery store, I am always on the lookout for a beautiful bunch of fresh organic carrots. There is something so gorgeous about the color, stems and the way they bunch together.  The bright orange color shouts vitamins and health!

A lot of people prefer to eat carrots in the fall and winter, but I love them ALL year round.  This is a popular menu option in our home when we plan and prepare our Sunday Food Prep.  They reheat very easily and still hold the slightly firmer bite.  Don’t worry about a soggy vegetable with these babies.    You can also under-cook them a little if you plan on reheating them and want a harder vegetable.  It’s all about preference.

We LOVE to grill (all year), so that’s usually my first GO-TO option for preparing these beauties.  They are just as delicious when roasted and served fresh out of the oven.  There are so many additions that you can add to this side dish.  I keep my recipe simple, but you can try all kinds of spices and other root vegetables.  This dish pairs well with all kinds of meats and vegetarian dishes.



Preheat your grill while you are preparing your food.

If you wish to roast the vegetables, Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.

Thoroughly scrub your carrots with water.  After cutting off the leafy tops (I like to leave some green), scrub around the top of the carrot.  Make sure the carrots are thoroughly dried.


IMG_0302 (2)


2 pounds of fresh, organic carrots

Extra virgin olive oil

1.5 Tablespoons of Raw Honey ( You can substitute a honey of your choice)


Let’s Get Grilling~

When we grill at home, we use foil for an easy clean up.  If you’re going to roast your veggies, I recommend a baking sheet.  You may want to oil the sheet or use foil.  The carrots may stick a little with the honey.  Once you prepare your choice, spread your carrots out along the sheet or foil.  They should lay next to one another and not stack.

First, lightly drizzle your EVOO over your prepared carrots.  Massage the oil into your carrots with your hands.

Once the oil is thoroughly coated on the carrots, drizzle the honey over top.  Massage them around the same way you did with the oil.  You want to make sure the carrots are thoroughly coated with both ingredients.  Some people like them with a little pepper, but I enjoy them as simple as this.

Spread them side by side on the sheet or foil.  Place on the grill (or in the oven).  Toss the carrots a couple of times while they cook.  This allows even cooking time and prevents additional sticking.  Cooking time is approximately 20 minutes depending on your desired texture.  You can test your carrots by piercing them with a fork.



I love the blackened look and taste from the grill!  Simple, Healthy and Delicious!  Enjoy!!

What are your favorite ingredients to combine with carrots?  I welcome you to comment below.