Heart-Beet Salad

It’s the month of Love and Valentine’s Day is coming in hot.  It’s nice to dress up and go out on the town, but cooking side by side in the kitchen with your honey is a great way to create togetherness and provide nourishment in many areas of life and relationships.

When Frederick Lifestyle Magazine asked me to create the menu for Valentine’s Day, I was overjoyed for the opportunity and put on my creative hat when it came to cooking up recipes. Beets are a huge staple in my kitchen and something we enjoy often.  These gorgeous vegetables are not only delicious but they pack many health benefits too.

Beets get their gorgeous color from phytonutrients called betalains.  These vegetables provide antioxidants that help fight against inflammation and illness. Beets also provide a range of vitamins such as Vitamins B2, A, C and K. They have been shown to increase energy, support the liver, reduce the risk for heart disease, boost digestive support and support brain health.

Speaking of the month of Love, beets are good for your libido and support sex hormone production. 

If you’re thinking about cooking up a delicious meal this Valentine’s Day, this is a great recipe for you to try. I used two different beets in this recipe but there are a variety for you to choose from.  I love golden beets because of their sweetness but the red beets are just as delicious.

Heart-Beet Salad


Mixed Greens (superfood, arugula, spinach or greens of choice)

Purple Radish Microgreens https://www.marylandmicrogreens.com

2 Golden Beets, cut into squares

1 Red Beet (see note below)

Goat Cheese (regular or cranberry and tarragon)

Sliced Nuts (almonds or pine nuts)

Avocado Oil

Option: Balsamic Dressing or Homemade (below)

Note:  I sliced a red beet to medium thickness for the heart decoration.  I used a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut red beets and roasted them the same as below. They are thinner, so they may cook in less time.

To prepare the beets:

Preheat over to 425 degrees

Toss beets in 1 to 2 Tbsp avocado oil.  Roast beets in a cast iron or oven safe pan for 30 minutes, stirring throughout the cooking process.  Beets will have a golden color and are done when a fork is able to easily pierce through.

to prepare the salad:

In a bowl or platter, place greens while stirring in the Microgreens.  Top the salad mixture with your cooked beets and sprinkle with goat cheese. Top with desired nuts and serve with balsamic, homemade or dressing of your choice.

cranberry pear white balsamic dressing


1/4 Cup Basil Infused Olive Oil  https://www.loveoliveoilvinegar.com

1/4 Cup Cranberry with Pear White Balsamic https://www.loveoliveoilvinegar.com

1 Tbsp Raw Local Honey

Optional Salt and Pepper to Taste

to prepare the dressing:

Mix olive oil with a gradual drip of balsamic to taste (depending on the desired sweetness).  Add the honey for desired texture and taste.  Finish with salt and pepper.  Mix well and serve with the heart-beet salad.


P.S. To check out the full February issue with additional recipes, click on this link: https://www.lifestylepubs.com/frederick/

From my heartfelt kitchen to yours, Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️



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