Roots to Rise

“Roots to Rise: A Holistic Journey of Self Discovery, Healing, growth and Transformation” 
6 Month Online Coaching Program

Are you ready to disrupt, transform and rise into your purpose driven prosperity?

Do you have a message or inner voice that’s telling you there is more?  Yet, something or several things have been holding you back. Have you been feeling stuck, overwhelmed, unfulfilled or unable to move forward? 

Any limitation or block in health, optimal wellbeing or life can be rooted back to the ways we have unconsciously neglected our authentic desire and longing  for love, abundance, worth and acceptance. 

Emotional and mental stress, trauma, shame, feelings of lack of worth,  guilt and regret can be stored in the body’s energy field.  Many times leading to illness, disease, the inability to lose weight, imbalance of hormones and less than optimal wellbeing. 

When we are willing to dig deeper and discover the root cause — the true root — of our dis-ease, pain or imbalance, the capacity to heal and transform shows us a path to rising strong!


Are you feeling overwhelmed, stuck, exhausted, stressed or feel that you struggle with limiting beliefs?  Does your body feel like it’s in fight or flight or trying to “survive” on the daily?  Maybe you’re experiencing brain fog, lack of good quality sleep, anxiety, depression and burn out.  

Your mind is connected to your body (gut/brain) and it can control much of your ability to transform and heal.  With a healthy mindset, understanding of the subconscious, and leading with a good mental attitude and approach, the mind can work with the body to promote healing in many ways.  Offering an empowered approach to health, healing and overall wellbeing.


Do you feel like you’re eating the right foods and adding in movement but you cannot lose weight?  Maybe you’re feeling sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.  You may be experiencing low energy, inflammation, joint pain or another form of chronic pain.  Are you experiencing bloating or digestive issues?  

Nourishing your body with Whole Foods and foods that support your own bio-individuality will facilitate a healing and wholistic approach to wellness.  Movement that supports your body will help break cycles that move from a “start, stop” lifestyle to one that flows with ease, play and joy.    Integrating body work through nutrition, movement and a holistic lifestyle will promote “well-being.”


Love and connection are a huge part of healing and living an abundant life.  Love for yourself and for others!

Do you feel like you’ve been disconnected from your authentic self?  Does past pain, trauma and trapped emotions keep you from feeling a deep love for yourself or others?  Do you feel limited and “stuck” leaning into too much guilt, shame or find yourself questioning your beautiful worth?

This journey includes a heart-centered approach to healing and growing.  One that is rooted in love for yourself, rooted in community and rooted in loving connections. 


Do you feel like you’re spiritually disconnected?  May be you feel “souled out” with your current lifestyle.  Feeling a calling inside for more.  This part of health, wellness and healing play an integral part of connection and alignment.  Spirituality and “whole” healing play a part in the human experience in which we go within (safely) to discover more of who we are, who we want to grow into and the practices to help support this growth journey.  When it comes to holistic health and healing, your spiritual health is another important part of the “whole” being.  With “soul work,” or spiritual wellbeing, there is a deeper knowing that integrates to promote health, healing and transformation.  

This is a WHOLISTIC approach in a 6 month Membership Program that focuses on the mind, body, heart and spirit. A program that emphasizes vitality, wholeness and optimal wellbeing. 

this is a transformational experience from the inside out.

Holistic self discovery is the path to remembering who you are- your authentic beautiful self. It does not draw distinctions between your physical body and your life.

Your overall health, mental and emotional state, financial wellbeing, spirituality, career and relationships are not separate from each other- they are all expressions of the whole YOU.  They are all connected!  As a result, the work we do in the Roots to Rise journey and program will create a ripple effect into every area of life.

Whether you’re struggling with physical ailments or health concerns, unable to manifest a healthy relationship or partner, dissatisfied with your career, feel there is more for your life, or you’re seeking a new path for growth and healing, this program will help you identify the root causes  of obstacles, blocks and limitations.  Providing  you with tools, resources, a safe community and support  to create the path to your authentic self.  Root to Rise will reveal the energetic threads, transformations, healing and growth that bind our inner selves to our outer lives and the emerging transformation will impact EVERY AREA OF LIFE!


are you ready to Connect to your higher purpose and live your legacy?

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6 month roots to rise program Includes:

  • 6 Month Membership  Program with a Holistic Health Coach and Lifestyle Mentor
  • Weekly Modules of Content and Coaching (Live Zoom Group Coaching Calls)
  • A safe space of connection where we meet you where you are on your journey 
  • A personal development and growth network for women 
  • Seasonal Nourishment (nutrition, detox and seasonal lifestyle support)
  • Set and achieve BIG mind, heart and soul aligned goals
  • Spiritual principles, self-mastery strategies and empowering education 

What will you gain through this program?

  • A HOLISTIC and INTEGRATIVE approach to growth, healing and transformation
  • A clear vision for a life you truly love
  • Digging deep into mindset and the blocks that may be holding you back
  • Improved health, happiness, joy and overall wellbeing 
  • Stress management practices
  • A women’s wellness roadmap
  • Improved mood and energy
  • Enhanced confidence, conviction and courage to living ABUNDANTLY
  • A deeper soul aligned connection with yourself and others
  • Tools and resources for success
  • Increased knowledge for nourishing the body
  • New friendships and connections
  • An understanding of energy work and how it helps facilitate healing and growth
  • A deeper understanding of yoga and practices to help facilitate healing 
  • Trauma informed yoga and the integrative yoga philosophies 
  • AND MORE……
The foundation of your life begins with the relationship you have with yourself. Through this system and transformational approach,  you will create healthy habits that stick and discover a beautiful new version of yourself.  


are you ready to make this your best year yet?

let’s Grow!


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6 MONTHS of Access to train LIVE with me every week

​Weekly new content & training to accelerate your RISE

​Community, connection, accountability and support

​A TRIBE  to assist your progress in a safe space

​Bonuses and Invitations to LIVE Events

​Recordings for replay and review

​Special Guest Trainings

​Live Q & A


Shared Experiences:

“Since I’ve been working with Kim I’ve released blocks that were keeping me from fully living my purpose.  Kim has guided me to positively shift my mindset and taught me how to put into practice self-care that is unique and meaningful to me.  Her caring encouragement, practical suggestions and insights made what I once thought was impossible now easily part of my everyday life.  Kim’s program has brought me new friendships and connections I treasure.  My life has been changed for the better.” -Lisa R.

“Kim’s program has been transformational for me. Her insight and support enabled me to get to the root cause of my binge eating and cravings.  Kim helps me shift my mindset about my body, mind, spirit and heart, so I’m living a more fulfilled life.” – Holly K.

“This program and the encouragement I receive gives me the confidence I need to continue to make a positive difference in my journey.” – Amber L.

“Kim is constantly sharing caring, practical resources tailor-made for me. This program is a smart way to make positive change and grow in an incredibly supportive community.” – Susan H.

“Within the very first week of applying the nutrition principals alone, I noticed a change with my mind and body. My skin was more clear, I felt lighter, I had more energy, and just all in all I felt like a new person.” – Emily R. 

“Through this journey, I’ve learned that everything is connected.  This program provided me with the knowledge, tools and support to discover this truly is a lifestyle change and life changing experience.” – Erica C.